Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Covington Museum A Hidden Gem

I had a belated chance yesterday to check out the remodeled (it happened a year ago) Behringer Crawford Museum in Covington's Devou Park. The three-million dollar project has transformed the place and includes a video about the history of the region and a refurbished street car named The Kentucky. This museum is different from others in our area in two ways. In many of the exhibit areas, there is a separate fly area for kids related to the theme in that room. That way, adults accompanied by small children can focus on content not worrying about distractions. The other differentiating point Behringer-Crawford ( offers is the perspective of how the growth of transportation (exhibits on Ohio River traffic, the airport, the interstate system) has fueled commerce. Sounds like these history lessons could serve as good reminders as Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky explore street cars. Check out this museum. It's a local hidden gem. I was so impressed, as we concluded a private tour with Executive Director Laurie Risch, I became a museum member.

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