Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hope you enjoy my initial ascent into blogging. I chose Frewtopia as a play on words to eutopia, which means a high state of contentment as many of you probably already know. I'm a very content and blessed guy as you'll learn. My posts will offer a variety of topics related to my professional interests. Those include:

* Marketing & Communications- I'll assume the post of President of the Cincinnati Chapter of the American Marketing Association this fall. It's a very vibrant and dynamic group that has started special interest discussion groups in the areas of Word of Mouth Marketing, Business To Business and Market Research. A new Marketing Young Professionals group has also been launched recently. We have a membership of more than 500 members and have been named multiple times as international AMA Chapter of the Year (;

* Hospitality and Meetings Industry-As Communications Director of the Northern Kentucky Convention & Visitors Bureau, I'm very interested in information about cities around the country and the amenities they are building for visitors. I'll be doing a lot of traveling over the next six weeks, starting this weekend in Philadelphia where my 18 year old daughter will probably be attending college. I'll also chronicle some of the excited projects in my area for benefit of non-residents in the Greater Cincinnati area;

*Economic Development-This topic goes hand in hand with the meetings and hospitality sector because building things demonstrates growth. And people want to visit areas that are growing and vibrant. In Northern Kentucky alone, more than $1 billion dollars in real estate investment (luxury condos and spinoff development) is underway. I am a board member of an economic development agency Southbank Partners, a group of dynamic, collaborative individuals which make things happen on the Southern shores of the Ohio River. It's one of my favorite things I do outside my regular job;

*Business in General-I am also involved on committees/task forces related to the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, our economic development agency for all of Northern Kentucky, Tri-ED and the Greater Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International Airport. All these groups are vital to the growth of our area.

Well, I've gone on long enough. Would love to hear your comments, and look forward to future dialogue.


copley said...


I like it! I don't really read blogs, but I'll keep yours handy and read often. I LOVE the Frewtopia! I got the reference right away.

Since you're always offering help and support to everyone else, I thought I'd throw my hat in the ring as one of the first to comment on your blog.

Keep up the good work - I'll keep reading! :)


Stephanie said...

Pat...Wow, very impressive..I will definatly be a regular visitor!!

Can't wait to see what's next!

Alan said...


Great blog! What an excellent idea. I like the name too ... very appropriate. I put you on my "favorites" list so I can check your blog often.


Muriel said...


This is a very impressive and outstanding blog! I suggest that it be used as a model site.

Congratulations on your post to the Cincinnati Chapter of AMA. I am sure that you have and will continue to make significant contributions to this group as well as many others.

Great work!