Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Am just back from the new interactive Penguin exhibit at the Newport Aquarium. It was a neat experience. I was taken with how adaptive the birds are to humans. Keepers told us during the stay that the penguins view humans just like being around other penguins as they were born in captivity and hand-fed. Below is a story in the Kty Enquirer about it. Costs vary as this is an additional charge to the normal entry admission. You can check out the Aquarium website ( for pricing details but the great part is part of the proceeds benefit penguin research. I think this attraction has a lot of potential for some of our meeting groups coming to NKY.

Waddle over to Penguin House
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You've already fed the lorikeets and petted the sharks.
Now you can get up close and personal with the penguins at Newport Aquarium.
Penguin Encounters is a new 20-minute experience that allows guests to touch the penguins and observe their behavior face to beak.

A new Penguin House has been built to provide a permanent residence for three blackfooted penguins. Aquarium biologists will educate visitors and provide insight into the penguin world. The exhibit will open April 23.
Jill Isaacs, spokeswoman for the Aquarium, said that on a typical visit, patrons could touch the penguins, and watch as the animals waddle, swim, preen, shake their tails and jump into their pool.
And no coats are needed.
"The three blackfooted penguins are from South Africa and live in a temperate environment, so guests don't need to bring coats to the Penguin Encounters," Isaacs said.
Guests will learn about penguin feathers, habitat and diet.
"We hope that by seeing these animals and having the chance to interact with them, people will be able to better understand them and will also help us in our efforts to protect them in the wild," Ric Urban, Newport Aquarium's Rainforest Curator, said in a written statement.
The penguins have been named Paula, Randy and Simon (yes, after the "American Idol" celebrity judges). They are scheduled to appear on the Fox 19 Morning Show Wednesdays through May 23. Each week they will use their penguin intuition to determine which contestant will be eliminated, Isaacs said.
The blackfooted penguins are the third species of penguins at the aquarium. There are also 11 king and 15 gentoo Penguins in the 34-degree Kingdom of Penguins exhibit.

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Jill said...

I'm glad you had fun with the penguins. It's going to be an awesome new experience for people. I may be biased, but they are the cutest penguins ever!