Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Super Region Talk Resurfaces

A panel discussion I attended this week hosted by the Cincinnati Business Courier (the local weekly business tabloid) revived talk of a super region linking Cincinnati and Dayton. The speakers discussed the types of industries that are good fits for the region (logistics, medical distribution, space medicine, etc.). Information such as this is useful for future planning for my employer, the Northern Kentucky Convention & Visitors Bureau. As the Bureau analyzes burgeoning industries coming to our area, it creates opportunities to host associations that promote those industries. If economic development officials are looking at coaxing companies in a particular field here, words filters around the industry that our region might be a good place to consider having a future annual meeting. Transportation in general seems to be an untapped market given the comments of the panelists who point to the I-75 corrider (the most traveled north/south interstate in the eastern half of the US), the Ohio River, as well as potential rail routes. This trend bears watching by local convention leaders.

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